Rules of The Game

Rules for the East Coast

Link to rules for other areas. 

What you need.

20 – 16 oz. red or blue cups.
3 ping pong balls.
A table at least 8 feet long and 3 feet wide. An offical ping pong table is highly recommended.
Of course the proper beverage is required!
Also add 2 cups of water for dipping the ball just in case it hits the floor. Oh yeah make the cups of water cold, never attempt to put warm balls into a COLD BEER!


1. Pick a partner because its 2 on 2.
2. Set 10 cups up on each side, in a pyramid formation 4,3,2,1, the set of 4 being in the back of course.
3. Fill your cups up using any beer of your choice, each side uses 2 beers to fill up their 10 cups.
4. The team that wins starts off with 2 balls, the incomming team has 1 ball and they are required to shoot first.
5. No bouncing and No leaning, just shoot the ball in the cup. If you shoot and the ball bounces off the cup its fair game, you CAN grab it! If it bounces off the cup and hits anything and goes back in IT COUNTS.
6. In the event that the ball swirls around the cup after a shot, ONLY girls are allowed to BLOW.
7. If you knock over a cup its gone, and you must drink whatever beer is left in the cup, if any at all.
8. If the opposite team makes a shot you must drink the cup before you can shoot back.
9. GANGBANGS! if you shoot and you make 2 balls in the same cup before the opposite team takes the cup away, they have to take away 3 additional cups of their choice plus the one you hit.
10. if you make all 3 balls in 3 different cups you get all the balls back, however if the other team throws a ball back and makes contact with any cup within the formation before you make the third ball you DO NOT get them back.
11. When the last cup is hit, the losing team is entitled to 3 rebuttals no matter what. While shooting those rebuttals if they make the shot they automatically get the ball back.
12. No distractions, waving the hands over the cups is just gay. Girls taking off articles of clothing is perfectly legal. And recommended…
13. No substitute shooter’s, you start the game you finish the game.
14. NO stacking the cups.
15. Get Drunk!!!


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